Best of Western Australia – Exmouth and The Coral Bay

Cervantes  –>  Kalbarri  –>  Shark Bay  –>  Coral Bay  –>  Exmouth

Heading North from Perth after Cervantes,  we were driving along the coastal and reach Geraldton. It is the beachside artistic town, quite a big town at North with cafes, supermarkets, fast food restaurants (it was so nice to have $1 slushies in the hot summer from MCD/KFC… !) Good place to stop by stretching your leg and stock up.

We had a relaxing day in Geraldton and accidentally went to a country of a country – Principality of Hutt River when we’re looking for a campsite. The location is in between Geraldton and KalbarriThis tiny country has very interesting history and we even met the King, an over 90 year olds man, share the story and collections with the visitors. The coolest thing is you got the stamp on your passport when you arrive and depart! Try google and know about the history before you go. Actually, this place is claimed independent in 1970 because it is not subject to Australia taxation laws, interesting place to visit. Come back to the campsite, it offers shady campground, a shelter for cooking, tables and chairs, and hot shower and flush toilet, cost only $5 per person/night.

Continue our journey the next day morning. First, just a quick stop at Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) on the way to Kalbarri. This town has amazing coast along and there is a famous national park not far from the town, Kalbarri National Park that is known for red rock gorges and the ‘Nature’s Window’ with a magnificent view of the gorges.

It was a long drive further North to Shark Bay and we decided to camp at Hamelin Pool then to visit the Marine Nature Reserve there. It is one of only two places in the world with living marine stromatolites, the ‘living fossils’.

Monkey Mia is known for the dolphins. There are 3 sessions of dolphin feeding start early in the morning, if you go there for the dolphins, don’t miss it! However, exploring Shark Bay is what we after for, driving along and here are signs for attractions, don’t ever miss any one of them, they are amazing and way beyond the expectation!

Photo credit to Sunny Lin

I remember that this night was New Year Eve to year 2017. We tried to head to the nearest town to celebrate with beer and pizza rather than stay in the bush then we go further North to hit Carnarvon. Thinking about to visit the amazing blowholes at the North of Carnarvon, it was too bad that we did not have time to do that. Continue heading to North to our next destination the next day, here we were in Coral Bay. Just a short stop to cool down jumping into the sea.

Couple hours North from Coral Bay, Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef are the main focus in this ‘North of Perth’ journey. We headed directly to a campground near to the lighthouse and had a spectacular sunset view of the West Cape, Ningaloo Reef. Besides, if you are an adventurer, go and explore Cape Range National Park. There are many snorkeling spots, the old fossil coral reef but you have to know how to swim since there is current. Get the information including the safety info from the visitor center before you go snorkeling.

Photo credit to Sunny Lin

I have to say, the further you go, the more amazing things and places you will see. Let the pictures do the writing! This part of WA trip was so great especially to the people who are looking for ‘Vitamin SEA’ 😄

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