[TRAVEL] FIVE Questions To Know More About Malaysia

While we are traveling, we are always ask tons of questions. Besides of those ‘official questions’ like Where are you from? How long have you been traveling? What countries have you been to? Where to go the next… Most of the time, people are curious and will ask about your country if they have never been to.

There is quite many travelers familiar with the capital- Kuala Lumpur where is always a city for flight transfer. Here is a list of questions that people always asked about Malaysia. As a Malaysian, what would you say about it?

1. Where’s Malaysia and how many population in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a Southeast Asia country and there is East and West Malaysia which separate by South China Sea. We are neighbor of Singapore, Thailand (West Malaysia), Brunei and Indonesia (East Malaysia). No four seasons, really? because Malaysia is located at the equator, typically hot and humid. We only have dry and monsoons seasons.
It is about 30 millions population include Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.
2. You’re Chinese but you’re from Malaysia. But you can speak Chinese… I don’t understand.
This is the question that I had been asked very often. Chinese are original came from China, no doubt but I was born and grown up in Malaysia. Many were moved to other countries and stayed for generations. Since Malaysia is a multicultural country, we had been ‘localized’ and influenced with other cultures and came out with our own Malaysian Chinese culture. This is very different from the traditional Chinese culture, so I prefer to say I am Malaysian or Malaysian Chinese.
The best part being Malaysian Chinese, we still preserve Chinese education for us to learn the traditions.

3. How did you learn of different languages?
Like I said before, we have diverse cultures in the country. Malaysian language is the official language but English also seems to be the primary language here and used a lot especially in city. In early stage of education in Malaysia, we have Malay, Chinese and Indian primary school, so we can learn our own language and culture. There is no restriction for the races to school like Malays or Indians can also go to Chinese school, free will. However, both Malaysian and English languages are the must regardless which school are you going to. When come to university, English become the main medium, classes are all English based.
We learn the proper language but we use and mix every languages in conversation. Here is a video from Youtube about Malaysia Slang and see if you can understand 😄
4. How is the lifestyle in Malaysia?
I would say it is pretty relaxing compare with the many Asian countries. Most of Malaysians have balance lifestyle, a lot of entertainment, pub and bars, various kinds of restaurants… We love to go for movie, ‘yumcha’ (have a drink) with friends, spend time with family after work. Besides, we are surrounded by natural environments like mountains, national park, parks and beautiful beaches. You will always find your own way to enjoy life.
5. What are the food in Malaysia?
The most famous and delicious food that I would recommend are Nasi Lemak, Satay, Char Kway Teow, Bah Ku Teh, Roti Canai…. and if you are looking for very local restaurant, go ‘Mamak’ where you can enjoy authentic Malaysian food.

Of course, there is also many other interesting things to talk about! We always gained so much from people in conversation. Traveling is not just to widen our view but also our mind. People have different opinions on the same thing, this is why we can always learns from others.

If you have any other questions about Malaysia, welcome to drop a line!


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