Outback Trip in WA- Wave Rocks


One of the nature wonder in Western Australia, Wave Rock is located in Hyden, it about 340KM away from Perth. Obviously, it got its name from this unique formation and impressive colour like a huge wave rises above the outback plain, people love to ‘surf’ here, an iconic attraction in WA.

To add some colour to the trip to Wave Rock, we had the first stop at York then heading to Bruce Rock. It is a town that full of old memory, there is a machinery museum with vintage car, steam traction engine and farm machinery. Besides, Kokerbin Rock is also one of the must go attraction in Bruce Rock which is the third largest monolith in Australia. We climbed to the top of the rock and the sunset was gorgeous!

Spend a great night in Kwolyin Campsite which is a free campsite not far from Kokerbin Rock and this is the best ever free campsite even better than most paid campsites. Everything here is quite new and clean, it has shelter, gas BBQ, picnic tables and a basic camp kitchen!


Heading to Wave Rock in the next morning. Many people are having fun ‘surfing’ here, it is the biggest ‘wave’ in Australia I think 😄. Followed the walking trail to the top of Wave Rock, empty and open view, it was pretty amazing. Besides, a giant hippo yawn rock and salt lakes are around there. Nearby, Mulka’s Cave with a scary Aboriginal legend behind has collection of over 450 ancient rock paintings cover the walls of the Cave.

On our way back to Perth, Tin Horses highway near Kulin brought us a lot of fun! There are many salt lakes around here and you can see them just beside the driveway, the view never bored you.

We had a very rush schedule for this trip and maybe 3 days 2 nights is better. Wave Rock has bigger name than what we actually feel when we saw it. Anyway, having a trip with friends are always the best part, we enjoyed it.

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