The Hidden Gem in Perth- Ellis Brook Valley

Located just 20KM South of Perth, this reserve is very popular city escape. It has toilet, picnic table, BBQ facilities and also a great waterfall during raining season and the richest wildflower around the city area. One of the famous track ‘Sixty Foot Falls Circuit’ lead you to the top of the waterfall and have Perth city view from there.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

There is not always long holiday all around the year and it was awesome to know this place not far from Perth for fresh air. I was first attracted by the amazing valley view pictures from Google and I had been there for few times. The track is only about half an hour, easy hike, if it was easy to me then it is very easy to others 😆. It brings you a sweeping Perth city view from the top of the waterfall then walk down to the beautiful valley. The valley looks different in different seasons, it was dry and rocky in the summer and green in the winter. Many people walk with their dogs here, there are always company! Looking for somewhere away from the busy city? Here is it.

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