Make a Short Trip from Perth to Margaret River Region

Perth > Bunbury > Busselton > Donsborough > Margaret River > Leeuwin 


Photo credit to Sunny Lin

Margaret River region is part of the Southwest in Western Australia, is the heaven for surfers, hikers, adventures, wine lovers surround with world well-known wineries. This is a coast to coast scenic driving route and also a cape to cape hiking trail. Caves are one of the attractions in this region- Ngilgi Cave, Lake Cave and Mammoth caves have bigger name than the others. I am going to introduce some places one by one down South from Perth.

First, we stopped by in Bunbury and visiting around on the way to Margaret River Region from Perth, f. Bunbury is a biggest seaside city and provide everything for living to many small towns nearby, this is where the nearest city we did grocery shopping when in Donnybrook. Around there, Lake Clifton and Rocky Points are worth to pull over to have a look.

About 40 minutes South of Bunbury, Busselton is a famous tourist spot and popular playground for kids in the summer, usually crowded in good weather. It has the longest wooden jetty in the world which 2km jetty stretching out the sea. There is train available to the end of the jetty but is pricey for a backpackers, so you can choose to have a walk on the jetty, just come early in the morning before it open for free or pay $2 for the entrance fee after that.

Going just a little bit Southeast from Busselton to DonsbroughCape to cape walking trail start from here, it is a long distance track with the combination of many trails together along the coast. We had done only few short trails separately. Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is iconic and it has few short walks to the great ocean view. Canal rocks in Yallingup is highlight in here, an amazing rocks formation with clear blue water swirling between the rocks.

The hidden gem Margaret River is absolutely worth this name. It is known for its craft breweries and wineries but it is more than these. If you love to surf then you have to come to Conto Spring beach in Boranup, a paradise for surfers with perfect wave (as heard)!

Many caves are in Margaret river region and they are all seems incredible but we visited only one – Lake Cave just because we did not have time and budget for all. Definitely worth the ticket!

The Conto campsite are very big and divided by different sites, some are suitable for trailers and big campervan and some are like normal campgrounds. This campsite was upgraded in year 2015 and well maintained, lovely kangaroos are around to give us company 🙂

Augusta is the end of the cape, the southern most point in WA. From the self audio tour to the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse, it is historical but I could not remember any of the details 😅 Anyway, this is where to see the the meet point of two oceans. I know it sounds stupid but I could not figure out where is the meeting point, anyone? Just enjoyed the gorgeous open view of the ocean is enough for this trip 😄.

These are just some highlights in Margaret River Region where we had been to. When you driving along the way, you will find there are many places, lookouts and beaches to visit. So, try to give more time to enjoy the trip rather than have a tight traveling schedule.

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