Working Holiday in New Zealand 2014-2015

Always inspired by Open World Magazine of the exciting adventures and travel stories. And now, it’s my pleasure to share mine to the world! The article is about my working holiday and traveling experience in New Zealand. Besides, there are also some other information to share in this post.

Read the article:
Highlights and Photos from my 9-Month Working Holiday in New Zealand by Nini Ong


[Latest update 2017] Came back to New Zealand after 2 years and settle down here, I decided to continue to update more about traveling in New Zealand and share more pictures of the stunning scenery in this lovely country. Check out New Zealand for more!

Working Experience in New Zealand

This was the first time for me to do farm works, seriously it was super tired but I get used to it after 1 to 2 weeks working. I got lucky got a job offer in a lily bulbs packing company in Rakaia before I arrived and my 2nd job as a picker in a tomato hothouse near Auckland. Fairness is promoted in the workplace, in New Zealand. Everyone is treated equally and the atmosphere is comfortable, you can truly have the relaxation feeling of working holiday no matter how hard the work is.

Information flow

There is not much information can be found from Internet (try Trademe and SEEK) about job seeking  and other information about living in New Zealand…  Making more friends is the easiest way to get the info. In many small towns, people post things like car for sell, room for rent, job available on the notice board in convenient shop, supermarket or the community center. Kiwis (local people) and backpackers here are friendly and willing to share their experience to you about job, travel, accommodation… everyone helps each other out, this really warm my heart.


Discover more about New Zealand.


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