Seaside Holiday Destination – Mandurah


Sunset at Mandurah foreshore

In this beautiful seaside city, you can enjoy plenty of water activities, hire a boathouse to party, go around the waterway with the dolphin cruise, picnic and swim at the foreshore, crabbing in the summer! With the relax holiday atmosphere, it is an ideal day trip destination for everyone. It is only one hour drive from Perth and there is also train to reach here.

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We booked a dolphin cruise from Scoopon with 50% off,  it was more like a tour to visit Mandurah waterway than dolphin… It was good though to go around to see the luxury apartments and houses. The Mandurah foreshore with grassed picnic area and safe swim beach for kids and the view from the foreshore is incredible great, especially the sunset! As a backpacker, I can’t really afford to enjoy a meal in restaurants but crabbing is a definitely a good idea to have a big meal later 😝 The season of crabbing begin from November to April and check out more information about the rules from the Department of fisheries, you don’t want to go back with empty hand but a fine.

If you want to go somewhere closer to city and have the same atmosphere, I think Hillary Boat Harbour in Joondolup is another option for you.

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