The Ancient City – Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang is designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site and  it is the most charming city in the Northern center of Laos. Kuang Si waterfall is popular because of the 50 meters height drop and Tad Sea waterfall is fantastic with the falls pour over limestone into a large pool where you can swim in. Both are the spectacular natural wonders you can found here. It is also home to Buddhist temples, monasteries and chapels. Hundreds of barefoot monks with their sienna robes walking around town is common. Here is the best place to witness the Alms Giving Ceremony, the most sacred tradition in Laos.  Mount Phousi is rising 150 meters above the city center where is the popular place for wonderful 360 degree view of Luang Prabang and for the sunset. Walk around the ancient city, enjoy the local breakfast and handicrafts in the night market.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Tad Sea Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall

We rent a motorbike from the town center, both locations are in totally opposite direction (east and west from the town center) , so we spent a day just to visit these two waterfalls. I personally love Tad Sea waterfall more because it is peaceful and less crowded but you’ll be surprised when you get up to the hill at Kuang Si waterfall (not recommend to climb in wet day).

You can feel this city is commercialized and tourism. However, it still stays the original looks as an ancient city. For the Alms giving ceremony, locals just prepare the giving stuffs and you can pay to get the stuffs to experience the ‘giving’ . It sounds commercialized, right? It is okay if you want to try. One more thing, the breakfast (check from the gallery) is the must try in the city, a local recommend us for this, nice and cheap, especially the Laos coffee!

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