A Picture Square Spot – Vang Vieng



Vang Vieng is known as Little Guilin (a city in China) because of the gorgeous limestone hills. The scenery is beautiful like a picture with the cliffs. This is a heaven for adventurers with incredible activities to explore Vang Vieng. The nightlife was always crazy toxic few years back and fortunately that it is under the control of the Laos government now.  There is unbelievable that pancake and lottery stalls are along the main Street!

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

It seem like a little Korean town in here, I wondered and they told me it is because of a famous Korean show and there is also a direct flight to here. Make sense to me.

We went to the 1 day package which include of Kayaking+zip line+tubbing to explore a cave+blue lagoon (a natural pool with clear water) for around $28 if not mistaken. This is not the cheapest in town but they gave us huge discount for the bus ticket, fair enough. Zip line was unexpected fun and with safety equipment and it totally worth to try! However, blue lagoon is a bit disappointed. For the rest are good but not great. There is lists of activities you can choose from to experience and explore this town.


We found a way to a best location for the sunset. I enjoyed the scenery, it is breathtaking. I felt the culture and the living style are slightly different from the other places in Laos but I just cannot describe it by words, just the feeling, a good one.

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