The Mystery Plain of Jar – Phonsavan


Phonsavan is the capital of Xieng Khouang province. It is a up hill town, the weather get chilling in the winter. This place was heavily boomed in the Second War of Indochina and it is still remains littered with unexploded ordinance (UXO). Locals use the bomb casings to build the house, tableware, boats… making things to use in their daily life. One of the most interesting thing to see here is over hundred of huge stone jar (Plain of Jar) lie scattered in a field in this town for over 2000 years.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Just a day and a half  in Phonsavan to visit the Plain of Jar. We rent a motorbike there. There is site 1, 2 and 3 and 1 is the nearest to the town.  We went only site 1 and 2 because they are pretty much the same, so we decided not to go further for site 3. It is a mystery how the huge stone jars formed, no one can explain to us. By the way, the view along the way is fantastic and there is a waterfall and a dam around site 2! We passed by many villages and they were waving hand to say hello 🙂

There is still many things to do here besides the Plain of Jar sites. Visit the UXO museum and learn more about the history about this town and they do crafts and raise money to help the victims and their family. Phoukham arden agricultural  wet market is very interesting to visit and nice local food there. There is also the boom village, not really close to the town, they makes things with the boom cases, sounds interesting? Wish we had more time to visit the village.

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