A Strawberry Farm in Phou Khoun 


Anouphon and his father own a strawberry farm in Phou Khoun and I found this from Couchsurfing. The strawberry farm is located up the hill and the view is breathtaking! There is camping area in the farm that you can stay and you can help to do some work in exchange. This was Anouphon’s idea to share this awesome place with peopl!

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

It’s still a long way to walk up hill to the farm from the town center (lack of workout…lol)! When we arrived to the farm, a warm welcome from his father and friends. He got the tent ready for us and showed us the shortcut to the town (we should know this earlier…) I would not expect there is a way because there’s no sign and clear path in the mountain.

Phou Khoun is a tiny town where you can experience the local life. We spend most of the time in the farm to relax with the stunning landscape. To depart from here, You can get the ticket from a shed in the town near to a Chinese restaurant. However, they can only roughly estimate the time because they just stop the public transports, bus/van, that pass by this town.

This is such a wonderful place to recharge during a long journey. Thank to Anouphon and his father to be generous in welcoming us to the farm, it was one of the awesome and memorable parts in my Laos journey 😉

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