The Laid Back City – Vientiane


The capital of Laos, hub of commerce however it is not the popular place for many travelers to visit. It is actually a uncrowded and relaxing city, many restaurants, cafes and bars. Grab a drink and enjoy the sunset over Mekong river. You can done the sightseeing on foot or bicycle, the distance is not far between each.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

This is where I first got in Laos. Vientiane is out of my expectation, I could have stay here longer to enjoy LIFE. Night market is highly recommended to visit and spend a night there (food, games, shows, crafts…).

We were out there in the middle of the night and try to hitchhike to the airport, “This is all we got”, an off duty bus driver still sent us to the airport (I wouldn’t do that in other SEA countries, it could be dangerous). A thrilling but heart warming night.

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