[TRAVEL] Are You Ready For The Truth About Moving Aboard?

Moving aboard sounds a cool thing in life. ‘Oh, nice! You’re traveling again’… most of the people always see the good side than the bad one. So, I’m going to tell you now how hard can the life be sometimes.
1. The work is hard
I spend my days and nights in work, Another says, I work very hard for this. I remembered the first week of tomatoes picking, the work was physically exhausted that makes me thinking to give up and going back home. You got to have a very strong mind to make through it.

2. You got no one with you
I was a solo traveler in most of my trip. I meet new friends in the journey but deep inside my heart, I know clearly that no one can really share my burden and worries. I cried after I talked to my parents on phone. At the end I know I have to stay strong, no matter when and what.

3. Yes, I can do it
Moving is another way of learning but it could become harder when we grow older. To adapt to a new place, NO is meaning that I have to go back home. I must make everything work.


Most of the time, problems come to you from nowhere, you got nowhere to escape. It is stressful. Complain ain’t help, it only brings negative energy and let you realize how suck is your life now. Are you thinking to move aboard? Good luck!


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