Perfect Gateway in Rockingham


Rockingham is a seaside relaxing town about 1 hour drive south from Perth. It offer you a long list of things to do such as kayaking, snorkeling,  picnic, kite surfing, meet the penguin, dolphin and sea lions…  etc.

Attractions: Penguin Island, Point Peron

Point Peron

Point Peron is is an amazing place.surrounded by the Shoalwater Island Marine Park. Many well worth short walks bring you to the fantastic ocean views. This is a good place to enjoy the magnificent sunset. You can walk on the shandy beach and explore the reefs and climb on the rocky foreshore for the panoramic views.  The trails here are within 1-2km, unsealed but walkable (easy).  Also, you are likely to spot the dolphins here!

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Penguin Island

A famous day trip to the beautiful nature reserve with the largest colony of penguins in WA. The boardwalks and trails will bring you 360 degree view of the island. Take a 5 minutes ferry ride across the Shoalwater Bay Rockingham Wild Encounters or you can also walk cross the sandbar in low tide (took about 20 minutes), fun but risky.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Usually, no sign of wild penguins on the island in day time, they do not back on the island after dark. There is still so much to enjoy here such as the white sand beach, crystal clear water, impressive sea caves, birds and sea lions. Penguin feeding is available in the Discovery center.
There is limited facilities on the island, bring your own food and water, wear comfortably and most importantly take all the rubbish with you back to the mainland.


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