A Salty Breeze Holiday in Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a beautiful nature reserve landscape and it is special with many unique flora and wildlife. The hot vacation spot in Western Australia especially in the Summer. Diving, cycling and snorkeling are very popular activities to explore the beauty of nature in this Island.
Attractions: Beaches, Snorkeling, Wildlife (Quokka and Seals)

Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Getting There: Take the ferry ride from Fremantle or Perth City. You can check the timetable and book the ticket online from Rottnest Express/Rottnest Fast Ferries

It is  easy to explore the island by cycling or service vehicle such as shuttle bus or car from hotel service. Get a island guide at the visitor center after your off from the ferry. It has the information about the Island and the things to do. 2-3 days is suggested to fully experience of Rottnest Island cycling/ snorkeling/ diving/ tracking, so you would not miss out anything!


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